Gifts & Tips

Make me Happy!

It is so easy to spoil me, just buy me a gift. You can also just send me a tip if you liked very much of something that you saw here on my website or in any of my live shows on other websites.A gift is always a gift, no matter the reason why you send it, it will make me feel happy and fulfilled.

If you want to offer me one item of my wishlist below, please send me the corresponding amount via this page and then a message to my email, so I can thank you and tell you when I receive it, I will use your gift in my live shows or who knows in a Custom video or photoset :).

Note: for tips, purchases, gifts and tributes I prefer that you use IndieBill because other sites take a larger cut. With IndieBill I get the most of the money that you send.

Tips & Tributes with IndieBill

IndieBill allows you to pay via Credit Card directly, and I get the most of it!

My Wishlist

Would you like to purchase me an item wich is not in the list? No problem, if you send me the value I will make the order at the store you choose from if the trader make expeditions to Portugal. Just email me.